AB Komisyonu’nun sorulan bir soru üzerine , “Kurumlar tarafından hazırlatılan harici raporlar AB’nin resmi belgeleri değildir cevabına ilişkin BAU DEGS Başkanı Doç.Dr. Cihat Yaycı’nın görüşleri; (İngilizce)

The EU Commission stated “External reports prepared by the institutions are not official documents of the EU”. The views of BAU MAGS President Associate Professor Cihat Yayci is as below;



 “The statement of the EU Commission, “The external reports prepared by the institutions are not official documents of the EU and they do not have legal and political values ​​for the EU”, does not make sense.



I think that this statement is very normal, and the EU cannot say the opposite. EU member states have not transferred their known political independence to the EU. Therefore, the EU cannot say that they have such an EU maritime jurisdiction map. However, all institutions of the EU use this map and its derivatives in all their functions. Examples are given below …



The EU also severely criticizes Turkey in the EU progress reports since Turkey carries out activities in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Greek Cypriot administration. They must first answer this. These are the cunning of this business.



In brief, the EU could not say that this map shows its sovereignty area since it is not a union of states where political sovereignty is transferred.



If such an answer is “officially” given to Greece within the EU, by addressing this issue; we should point out that this will not have a permanent political meaning unless the EU institutions which are referencing this map make corrections in their documents.”





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