Combined Joint Operations Tarafından Yayınlanan “2020 Çatışmalar ve Ötesi: Rusya’nın Karadeniz’deki Öncelikleri ve Kabiliyetleri” Başlıklı Makalenin Özeti (İngilizce)

Summary of The Article Titled “Conflict 2020 And Beyond: Russian Black Sea Priorities and Capabilities” By the Combined Joint Operations


The Black Sea is acknowledged for its high geographical, strategic and economical importance in the Eurasian region. Thus, it has been vital for the adjacent nations to have maritime zones in the Black Sea. For Russia, their policies in the Black Sea region since the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) era held its importance and did not diminish. The policies of the USSR and Russia have changed according to its changes in regime and the economic needs, which in turn held great power in strengthening its navy to have a complete power over this sea. Russia’s aggressive behavior in the region, especially the annexation of Crimea has been viewed by the majority of the NATO members as a threat to the Euro- Atlantic security. Russia addressed this as a type of defensive reaction.

The existence of five battalions of S-400s out of Crimea, Russia’s increasing reliance of S-400s in the region, the increase of the Russian military capability with a particular focus on the Russian navy is a guarantor that Russia does not have peaceful intentions in the Black Sea. It is highly probable that the increase of power in the Russian navy is to extend its power over the Eastern Mediterranean region. Nonetheless, Russia’s aggressive behavior is countered by NATO simultaneously, which is an indicator that the security in the region is not under a threat altogether. Yet, this also depends on how NATO members in the region cooperate in this matter.